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At this time of year at Raretec we are preparing for our annual 2nd year actuarial placement programme.  Each year we visit the 2nd year actuarial students of the UCD and DCU Actuarial programmes. We have some students from UCC and plan to visit this year as well.  These actuarial students are some of the smartest young people in Ireland.  Year on year they have  proved themselves to be a highly motivated, articulate group of individuals. The Actuarial students are really keen to get their careers started.

Typically the actuarial students have a love and talent for maths and they chose the actuarial path as they want to apply this talent to a practical profession. A few students are lucky enough to have an actuary in the family and so have an idea of what they are getting themselves into. However the vast majority have arrived on these courses solely through advice from a schools careers officer or maths teacher. The Raretec visit to the 2nd years is often the first time that students have really thought about the practical application of their chosen profession. As a result they really don’t have an understanding of how the commercial actuarial market works or the exam process that they need to follow in order to qualify as an actuary.

The Raretec actuarial programme is a fantastic way for the students to get some paid work experience and the employers also get an early view and connection with the new talent coming through. Many of the placed 2nd years then go on to work for these same organisations for their third year college placements. This is a free recruitment service from our end.

Application Process for employers

If you are interested in taking on a 2nd years student then please send a mail to:

Susan Bradley at susan.bradley@raretec.ie or to Jacqui van Teutem at jacqui.vanteutem@raretec.ie or get in touch by calling 015311400.

We look forward to hearing from you.