Actuarial Students Available for Summer Work

Across Ireland there are approximately 150 new actuarial graduates each year.  In addition to these there are quite a number of pure maths, physics and engineering graduates who also wish to enter the actuarial profession.  Each year Universities produce these highly skilled and trained young professionals who enter the world of employment with a head full of knowledge but often lacking the basic skills of how to seek employment in their field of expertise. Three years ago at Raretec Recruitment we developed a programme for 2nd year actuarial students to gain work experience during the summer months. The programme introduces the students to the world of job applications, recruitment and the interview process allowing them to experience the full recruitment cycle. Successful students in the interview process secure a summer internships for 3 months and often return to these same employers for their third year intra placements.  The aim of the programme is to mentor and provide assistance to students that will later enable them to be prepared for the highly competitive process of getting their first post graduate role. Once students are placed, they work for the summer within a company on a variety of different projects exposing them to aspects of working as an actuary. This is an important part of their development process as the students often start to develop an interest (or not!) in particular areas after spending time working with other actuaries.  At the same time employers get access to some of the most motivated and mentally agile young talent in the country.  The sort of work the students are being asked to be involved in includes MI work, data cleansing, actuarial modelling and documentation work. This is a completely free recruitment service that we at Raretec Recruitment provide to companies. It’s our way of saying thanks to the industry and helping investment into this professions future.  If you have a project that could do with an actuarial student then we do have some students left this year.  All we need from you is a paragraph or job description of the work that you need completed and we will work with you to complete the recruitment process with extreme efficiency and care.  To get in touch call either Jacqui van Teutem or Emma Harper at Raretec Recruitment on 015311400 or email Jacqui at As recruitment specialists in the actuarial field, we here at Raretec Recruitment Ltd take pride in being able to offer recruitment services to all levels within the actuarial profession.