Actuarial Qualification Scheme – Part 4

Specialist Principle exams were previously known as the Specialist Technical Subjects (STs).  Each subject is examined through a 3 hour and 15 minute paper at both the April and September/October exam sittings.

Changes to the ST Exams
Specialist Technical (Current) Specialist Principles (From Dec 2018)
ST0 – Alternative Specialist Technical SP0 – Master’s Level Thesis
ST1 – Health and Care SP1 – Health and Care
ST2 – Life Insurance SP2 – Life Insurance
ST4 – Pensions and Other Benefits SP4 – Pensions
ST5 – Finance and Investment A SP5 – Investment and Finance
ST6 – Finance and Investment B SP6 – Financial Derivatives
ST7 – General Insurance: Reserving and Capital Modelling SP7 – General Insurance: Reserving
ST8 – General Insurance: Pricing SP8 – General Insurance: Pricing
ST9 – Enterprise Risk Management SP9 – Enterprise Risk Management

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