Actuarial Study Scheme – Part 6

PPD (Personal and Professional Development) is a fundamental element of the actuarial qualification process. Those who have already begun the WBS (Work based skills) programme from the previous scheme and expect to become an Associate or Fellow between by August 2020 will complete parts of both the previous WBS and current PPD programmes.
The PPD will have to be completed by all registered members, including those who were exempt from the WBS scheme. The new PPD will revolve around three core workplace competencies that the IFoA expects candidates to develop before they can become associates or fellows – Effective Communication, Problem Solving and Decision Making, and Professionalism, which is displayed in the table below.  Each skill is worth 1 or 2 credits per year, with applicants needing a minimum of 10 credits and 1 year’s experience to become an Associate of the IFoA, and 20 credits with a minimum of 3 year’s experience to become a Fellow.

Changes to Work-Based Skills
Work-based Skills (WBS) Personal and Professional Development (PPD)
Effective Communication
Problem Solving and Decision Making

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