Is your Linkedin Profile up to date and does it matter?

As mentioned in a previous newsletter LinkedIn is an excellent way for you to raise your profile.  The question is though  do you need to update your linkedin profile and what is the impact of doing this? Does updateing your linkedin profile matter?

Ifif you are heading towards a career as a senior actuarial manager or senior actuariall role be it HOAF or actuarial director etc then it’sessential that you have your profile updated on Linkedin. Updating your profile shows that you are part of the modern commercial world. When you set up your profile the default setting is set to “looking for a new career opportunity?.  This means that anyone searching LinkedIn will be able to see that this is the setting for you and so it would be reasonable to expect that you will receive approaches in relation to new career opportunities.

  Whilst it’s easy enough to ignore the inmails (LinkedIn inbuilt email) if not relevant to you some less discreet recruiters may start calling you at your place of work and leaving a message with the wrong person can create an impression for your employer that you are looking for a new role.  In these uncertain times you may not want to create that impression at work so to avoid this then the best option may be to change your settings on the site to accurately reflect your status. LinkedIn have changed their system of late making it more difficult to change your settings as they would prefer that you remain on “set to looking for a new career option? . In order to help you change your settings here is a step by step instruction that walks you through this: (click here to read more) Sign into LinkedIn Hover your mouse over your photograph – or where your photograph should be on the top right hand side of the page This brings up a list of options dependant on your status with LinkedIn but one of them is  “Privacy