Actuarial Interns – In 2016 we asked our clients to provide feedback on the Raretec Actuarial summer placement programme.

 Overall our clients found it to be a positive and rewarding experience and we were delighted to receive such reviews.

We asked the participating clients of 2016 to provide us with feedback in an attempt to both improve our practice for this year, but also to give some insight for new clients on the programme.  Below are some of the comments that we received:

Joanne Ryan in Acorn Life described the programme as excellent. This is how she described her experience working with us:

“The Raretec Internship Programme had a well organised approach with very little for me to do other than be there for the interview.  Furthermore, the quality of the candidates and the information provided on each of the students beforehand was very good.”

When asked if she would recommend participating in the programme to other companies she said: “Yes, very much.”

Michael Hynes in Permanent TSB had the following to say about the company’s experience participating in the programme:

“Our experience of interacting with Raretec was a positive one, everything ran smoothly with the Summer Internship Programme. The students were very cooperative and displayed enthusiasm for learning about our business, products etc. We feel that the students contributed positively to the teams they were assigned to and they completed the tasks assigned to them to a high standard. The students gained a practical knowledge of risk and governance while they were with us. Their computer skills particularly in the area of excel were enhanced.”

We were delighted to hear that the company found the process to be worthwhile and beneficial for all involved and when asked if they would be likely to participate again, Michael said that they would.

Karl Alexander in IPSI described the company’s experience participating in our summer internship programme as excellent and had the following to say:

“The submitted CVs were relevant to our requirements, the students well briefed and both office and students benefited from the programme.The students contributed to a variety of tasks over the summer, and provided real value to their allocated teams.”

When asked whether he thought that the students had gained valuable experience and skills from their internship Karl provided the following feedback:

“As well as getting exposure to a busy office environment, the students participated in project teams, were given responsibility for delivering specific tasks and assisted in planning their workloads. Along the way, they picked up new skills in SQL, Microsoft Expression and other in-house applications.”

Karl said he would recommend the programme and believed that it has both “tangible benefits to hosts and students.”

We believe that this is a great way to introduce the students to both the actuarial and business world and to give them a taste of what their future careers might look like.

We would not be able to provide such a service without the help from our clients. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients who participated in our programme in 2016 – with their help, we managed to successfully place twenty nine second year students in an internship position during the summer of 2016 and we are keen to beat that record in 2017. With your help we can achieve this.

If you are interested in participating in this programme then please do get in touch with me at or call me on 015311400.  We will be sending out a mailing shortly to all actuaries that are involved in the actuarial hiring process.  If you are someone that wants to participate and haven’t received a mailing then do  get in touch and we will add you to the list.