At Raretec we run a summer internship programme designed specifically to help 2nd year actuarial students get some work experience in the the summer before their third year placement.

 The aim of the programme is to provide students with work experience which gives them some practical insight into the actuarial working world as well as experience of what is entailed in the recruitment process. This programme is helping students secure both their third year placements and their first postgraduate positions.

At the end of the 2016 summer programme we asked our students to provide some feedback on their experiences of the both recruitment process and the actual placement that they attained.  We have shared some of these reviews below:

Bronwyn Lyons spent her summer working with Liberty Insurance and had this to say about her experience:

“As a second year student with no experience of applications or interviews, Raretec made the process easy and were so helpful throughout the whole process. I got great experience during my internship, learning loads and making new contacts. However, the second year internship programme also gave me great experience with interviews, which I found to be very useful going into third year. I also got a very broad experience of pricing during my internship, which was great. I gained an understanding of actuarial work before my third year placement and it gave me a feel for what type of work I might enjoy or want to pursue a career in. I would highly recommend the Summer Internship with Raretec. It’s a great opportunity to get some exposure to different types of actuarial work and also to get experience of job applications and interviews. It’s a great opportunity for second year students to be given a chance to gain actuarial experience so early on in their careers.”

Eoghan O’Dwyer spent his summer working in Irish Life and had the following to say about his experience working with us:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Both Jacqui and Scarlett were extremely helpful in both finding us opportunities and providing us with CV and interview tips. I got an internship working in Irish Life along with 5 other students and found it to be very interesting and extremely valuable for the future. My favourite aspect of the internship was the people. It was a really young office and there was a really great atmosphere. Everyone was incredibly friendly and laid back and really made me feel welcome. They were also all very willing to help or answer any questions that I had. I worked in the ‘Retail IT Systems Actuarial’ department. In this department there was a large emphasis on SQL. This was software that I had never seen or used before and it was great to get the chance to learn how to use it. The experience also helped to give me a better grasp in general of what an actuary actually does. I feel that this is a big question that most actuarial students have and it was nice to gain some extra insight. I would highly recommend that students participate in this programme. Jacqui and Scarlett were a pleasure to work with and really seemed to care about the students. The internship itself helped me to learn many new skills and I feel that it will give me an edge in the future.”

Like Eoghan, Sharon Sebastian also spent her summer interning with Irish Life and she had the following to say about her experience:

“My experience with the Raretec Summer Internship Programme was great! Everything was so well organised and there was no hassle in getting the interview you wanted. The team also responded quickly to any queries we had. They asked for feedback after the interviews and really made sure everything went smoothly. I enjoyed all of my internship, it was a great learning experience. Having an opportunity to secure one is invaluable in second year because you learn so much during the summer and it would be useful for when you get into your work placement in third year. I learned a lot about the company, about the field I’m going to be working in and I got a taste of the work I will be doing as part of my career. I would recommend this programme as it is a wonderful opportunity to get a head start on your career and turn your idle summer days into an exciting learning experience. It is also a great way to get to decide whether or not you would like the sort of work actuaries do on a daily basis.”

Ewan O’Donohoe spent his summer working in Permanent TSB and he had this to say about his time there:

“Firstly, I thought it was great to get a feel for what a recruitment process is like. This will definitely help me after college. It was fantastic to get a flavour for the work I hopefully will be doing in the future. Working as part of a team on some challenging projects was excellent and even though I was a junior member of the team, I was still given plenty of responsibility but with the right support to succeed. For me, the most valuable skill I learned through participation in the programme would be the writing and development of reports. The skills needed ranged from IT, to communication, to analysing the data. This will be invaluable for my future career, it was a great way to get a foot into the business world. I think it will give me a major advantage in applying for my work placement in third year.”

And finally, Darryl Connell who spent his summer interning in Central Bank had this to say:

“I finished up my internship last week and I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, I learned an enormous amount and made great contacts and friends there. It was really great to be in the centre of the insurance industry and getting to know how regulation works. I have been chatting to some of the others in my class who also participated in the Raretec Summer Internship Programme and they all had great internships and thoroughly enjoyed them too.”

We found it very rewarding to hear that the students found the programme to be both enjoyable and beneficial to them. We think that it is a worthwhile process and we are happy that we have been able to provide them with such an opportunity over the last five years. We would like to thank the students for being so easy to work with themselves and we are already excited to work with the second years of 2017.

We plan to continue to develop and grow the programme as much as possible and having placed 29 summer students in 2016 we hope to beat this target in 2017. If you think you can help and have an opportunity for these individuals then please get in touch with Jacqui van Teutem or Conall Harding at Raretec Recruitment Ltd on 015311400 or through email at or