We conducted some research to see how successful the 2014 actuarial graduates have been in securing roles as actuaries and to see what industry sector they had joined. Despite many views that there are too many actuarial graduates, the results of the survey were very positive with the majority of graduates securing actuarial work in 2014. The highlights of the research was as follows:

Actuarial Graduates 2014 – The Results

  • Our survey showed that 86% of 2014’s Actuarial graduates were employed as at 20/01/2015
  • Of those employed, only 4% went abroad for employment
  • 79% of those employed managed to secure permanent positions, leaving the remaining 21% employed in fixed term or fixed purpose contracts
  • Our research showed that 11% of actuarial graduates that are employed took non-actuarial roles such as trading, meaning that 89% managed to secure actuarial positions

We also wanted to see what area of actuarial work 2014’s graduates went into. The research showed that of those employed, 48% are working in Life, 27.6% are in Non-Life, 11% are working in Pensions and Investments, 2.4% work in Healthcare.