Interview Preparation For Actuaries

If you are an actuary looking for a new role then work with us at Raretec and we will help you through the process.

Are you an Actuary and do you need help with interview preparation?

Never underestimate the importance of interview preparation. Preparing properly will give you the confidence to succeed. Actuaries who put time aside for interview preparation are more likely to be successful through the recruitment process. Your interview panel wants to see that you have invested time in preparing. Keep in mind that your interview panel wants you to succeed.

Areas to focus on in particular are:

  • Focus on your career history. Be able to tell your career story in a way that makes it interesting and relevant.
  • Learn to listen to the question and to answer questions (competency-based or other). Ask relevant questions.
  • Research. Do your research on the company – both financial and culturally.

At Raretec actuaries who work with us are supported throughout the recruitment process. We will help your interview preparation by offering one to one coaching. We also do mock interviews. If you are an actuary looking for interview help or advice then feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to help you. Call us on 015311400 or email us at

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