Interview skills for Actuaries and Trainee Actuaries

As you already know, doing an interview (whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee) is an unavoidable part of progressing in the actuarial world. Many actuaries have developed an interview style that fits them comfortably, but as with all sectors of the population, many actuaries find the interview process a nerve-wracking experience. Answering technical questions with fact based answers is a lot more straight forward than answering questions from HR Managers – questions that you may not be ready for. Regardless of your experience, preparation is the best way to ensure a successful interview. The primary thing we here at Raretec believe that you should focus on when preparing for an interview would be your communication style. How many times in our lives are we told about the importance of communication? It is arguably the most important skill you can have. The list of places a good set of communication skills can take you is endless and without a doubt, it will set you apart from your peers. Actuaries have the advantage of logical thought and the ability to practically apply knowledge, so make sure to use these skills to perfect your interview communication style. The best way to look at an interview is to think of it as a presentation. In the same way that you would practise a presentation the same principle applies to preparing for an interview. The key point is to practise out loud, perhaps to a friend or to a partner or even in front of the mirror, but what is crucial is that you listen to your answers and you would be surprised how much you may improve. Practising out loud will prevent you from stumbling over your words in the main event when nerves may make your brain and mouth a little less co-operative!

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