Last we started a programme for 2nd year actuarial students to take up summer positions with companies across Dublin.  This is a free recruitment services for all and 6 months on we are delighted to say that 80% of those students that were placed last summer are returning to their same employers to do their formal third year placements. The employers that participated were delighted with the scheme as not only did they get to “try before they buy? but it meant that the initial training was already complete and these students are now returning to them as contributing members of staff.  Employers also feel that they had a head start on selecting candidates. From the students point of view they gained valuable experience and the €10.00 an hour that they received for their work over last summer was a great help to them.  What surprised me is that over 50% of students are contributing financially to their own studies so the helping hand was very well received. The lesson learned though was that at Raretec we need to start the process earlier as companies need more time to see if they can get sign off for these resources so we will be approaching all companies in February to see if they want resources.  If you know that you would like some summer interns then do get in touch at Jacqui.vanteutem@raretec.ie