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We have completed our biennial 2018  actuarial salary survey for  trainee and qualified actuaries.  This includes data relating to new graduates through to senior management positions.  This survey can be used as a guide to the actuarial remuneration landscape in Ireland today.  The data here was gathered prior to the current influx of IFRS17 projects and salaries may experience a temporary increase whilst this new standard is implemented.

Also included in our 2018 actuarial salary survey:

Our survey includes a breakdown of average salaries by years’ of experience and by discipline: general insurance, life insurance and pensions and retirements. Our survey also covers bonus, benefits and holidays. We also explore if the gender pay gap is prevalent in the actuarial world. It’s a really interesting read for both employers and actuaries alike.

If you would like a copy of our salary survey, please get in touch with Jacqui van Teutem at jacqui.vanteutem@raretec.ie.