At Raretec our summer placement programme for our 2nd year college actuarial students is an established part of our year here at Raretec.  The programme is a free recruitment  service provided to employers of actuaries throughout Ireland and enables companies to harness the up coming talent from both UCD, DCU and now also UCC.

2017 was the 6th year of running the Raretec Actuarial summer placement programme.  The idea behind the programme is to help the actuarial students get experience of the work place which in turn prepares them for their third year and then subsequent graduate positions.  It also helps them get some needed additional funds over the summer months!

Our clients get the advantage of having their organisations profiled with students at an early stage and get the option of testing out students abilities before committing to the longer third year programme. We asked our clients and students to provide some feedback on the programme last year and in the coming weeks we will share their feedback with you.