2020 has been a truly unexpected year. Running a small business has at times felt like trying to drive a tractor through quicksand and yet here we are approaching the end of 2020 having made it through. The coronavirus is and has been devastating to so many and I am terribly sorry for the loss that many families have faced. Like all of us, I am grateful to all the frontline workers and in awe of what they do. There is also one large group of people that never get a mention and I think they deserve acknowledgement. These are all the business leaders and professionals that have worked tirelessly to keep the economic show on the road. Day after day businesses get up and go to work, even if that is only a few steps away from where they sleep. Managers, who have done their best to keep their virtual teams together – going that extra mile especially with the less experienced workers, to make sure that they know they still belong to a team that care about and value their contribution.  

As a recruiter, I have seen so much focused commitment by individuals at all levels. Not one person that I have spoken to in 2020 has complained about their work environment. In fact, I can say that in 2020 I have heard increased kindness and courtesy across the board. And then there are all the service businesses at the end of the business chain. On my rare visits to my office in Dublin, I pop into my local coffee spot and as ever I am greeted with a smile and a positive attitude as the owner tells me she is down by 60% on last year. I am struck by how brave she is. With a serviced office in town, I walk into silence, but there in the doorway is the beautifully decorated Christmas tree as good as ever. The empty building pristine and warm. My landlord at Pembroke Hall Business Centre has been such a support, showing flexibility when they really did not have to! Well done and thank you to our landlords, the coffee shops, the insurance businesses, the consultancies, and all who work tirelessly to keep the country going. A happy Christmas to all and fingers crossed for 2021!