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Christmas is now a distant memory and 2018 is truly on its way. Today is known as Blue Monday and is supposedly the day when those of you who are dissatisfied with your current career choice make the decision to start looking for something new. Why no one talks about blue Thursday or blue Friday is beyond me as it’s on those days where being exhausted by the week gone by is only acceptable if you are getting fulfilment from your day’s work. I am one of those really annoying people who love Mondays and thrive on being refreshed for the week ahead! Lucky me that I love my job and always have. Do you feel like that?

Is it time to make a move?

In the case of the actuarial population, this can feel like a tricky time of year to be looking for something new. Those reporting deadlines are in sight and then the annual bonus which is firmly back needs to be taken into account. What is for sure though is that money only gives short term motivation and doesn’t make you happy, it just makes the path smoother. One year’s bonus is not worth the unhappiness of a year of drudgery and in any case, the majority of job moves will result in an increase in salary. So, if you want to feel like these individuals in this image and get some joy back into your work life, then dust down your CV and put your toe in the water – what harm can it do to have a look at the options?

We are always happy to have confidential conversations about career options so feel free to contact myself, Danielle, Conall or Tom at the Raretec Recruitment offices today on 015311400 or send me an email to jacqui.vanteutem@raretec.ie and we can take it from there.