The Actuarial Graduates of 2013

At Raretec we have worked hard to help as many graduates as we can secure work but there are still quite a large number of really top ranked individuals looking for positions in the actuarial field. We have noticed that many of the larger organisation have reduced their graduate intake and this is forcing this new talent to leave Ireland.  In total there have been 177 graduates from DCU, UCD, Queens, UCC and UCG (this number includes those completing post grad actuarial courses).  This is a very high number of individuals and given the actuarial population as a whole it does call into question whether there are too many graduates for the size of market that Ireland is. It is too soon to be able to collate exactly how many of these graduates have entered the actuarial profession this year.  Anecdotal evidence from talking to some of the graduates would indicate that about 50% of these graduates are entering the actuarial profession with the rest either pursuing a totally different avenue or other closely related industries like banking and trading.  There is a view that graduates have to compete harder than ever for good positions.  Those companies that are taking on graduates are looking for individuals with a combination of three attributes namely: A strong degree attaining a 1.1. or 2.1 Solid work experience in the actuarial sector Good communications skills.