Actuarial Qualification Process

Part of your career as an actuary includes qualifying as a registered Actuary with the IFOA (Institute and Faculty of Actuaries). The qualification is attained by passing a series of exams and completing a professional development program (P.P.D). Once qualified as an actuary you will need to participate in a continuous development program and register your CPD on an annual basis. The IFOA qualification is recognised internationally. Whilst it’s possible to do some actuarial roles without the actuarial qualification not having this will hold your career back in many organisations.  

After university, once you have IFoA membership you begin your journey to becoming a qualified actuary. The actuarial qualification process involves sitting exams in either April or September of each year. Once you passed the final fellowship exam, completed the relevant PPD and have three years experience, you can then register as a qualified actuary.

Working, while studying towards your actuarial qualification can be challenging. Most organisations provide a study support package which includes time off for study. Pay increments are offered as you progress through your actuarial exams.

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