How to become an Actuary?

Your journey to becoming an actuary usually starts during school years.  You have a talent and a passion for maths or mathematical subjects and an excellent academic track record.  You enjoy solving problems and may be looking for a route to use your mathematical skills in a commercial environment. Choosing an actuarial college degree is a great way to to start your formal journey to becoming an actuary.

University Courses

Four universities in Ireland offer actuarial courses and the entry-level CAO points range between 500-580 points. 

For more information on actuarial university courses please see the following links:

Work Experience as an Actuarial Student

An important step in helping you to start your actuarial career is to gain practical work experience whilst at college. Most actuarial courses include a third-year placement program which is an extremely valuable introduction to actuarial work for students.  In addition, at Raretec, we offer a summer internship program for 2nd-year actuarial students.  If you are an actuarial college student and you want to take part in this program then register here.

Actuarial Qualification Process 

Your actuarial degree will give you an opportunity to obtain exemptions towards your professional actuarial qualification through their exam system. It’s very important that you find out which exams count towards your professional qualifications.  Failing to achieve these early on can affect your overall number exemptions when you leave college. It is possible to become an actuary from other mathematical based University courses but taking an actuarial degree reduces the time it takes to complete your actuarial qualification.

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