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IFoA mutual recognition for actuaries moving to Ireland

Actuaries relocating to Ireland from certain countries can transfer their actuarial exams and qualifications through the mutual recognition schemes that exist between the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) and certain actuarial associations across the globe. The IFoA in the UK is the professional qualifications body for Ireland.

Qualified actuaries – moving to Ireland

The IFoA’s mutual recognition agreements with other international actuarial associations allow fully qualified actuarial members of the following actuarial societies and governing bodies to apply for accredited actuarial membership of the IFoA on moving to Ireland.

These agreements are mutual and reciprocal. They also allow IFoA qualifications gained by members in Ireland and the UK to be recognised in these countries.

Part qualified actuaries – moving to Ireland

The IFoA also gives certain exemptions to students who have completed exams of other actuarial associations subject to meeting certain requirements. The relevant actuarial bodies recognised are:

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