Actuarial Qualification Scheme – Part I

The exam curriculum for admission to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries is regularly updated to reflect the changing role of the actuarial profession in the modern workplace. The Actuarial qualification scheme has been through a major overhaul over the past few years and is now in full effect.  At the moment the Actuarial Profession has the following qualifications:

  • Fellowship (FIA/ FFA)
  • Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA)
  • Associate Actuary (AIA or AFA)
  • Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA)

The vast majority of individuals entering this profession wish to attain the full Actuarial Fellowship. Individuals wishing to attain the Fellowship must complete a combination of exams, personal and professional development as well as completing three years of professional actuarial experience. In summary, the updated exam system categories are as follows: