It is an exciting time for 2nd year student actuaries who are midway through Raretec’s annual 2nd Year Actuarial Summer Internship Programme. This year we met with the students in person. We started with 63 Actuarial students eager to work in actuarial or related work this summer. Year on year the students on the actuarial courses have proved themselves to be a highly motivated, articulate group of individuals. These actuarial students are some of the smartest young people in Ireland. Through this programme, we offer them the opportunity to get their actuarial careers started. Equally, prospective employers get an early view on future actuarial talent. The Raretec intern programme, therefore, allows companies to establish their brand at an early stage with junior actuaries. 

Most students have chosen the actuarial path on the advice of a school’s career office or maths teacher. They are looking for a way to apply their love of maths in a commercial way. Some students are lucky enough to have an actuary in the family. These individuals consequently have a clear vision of the career ahead of them. However, most students do not really understand the profession yet. The Raretec 2nd year initiative gives students an understanding of the practical application of their chosen profession. We offer a guide on how the commercial actuarial market works. We also offer insight into the exam process they need to follow to qualify. They are so keen to get summer work! 

Many of the placed 2nd years then go on to work for these same organisations for their 3rd year college placements. Raretec provides this service completely free of charge and we manage the process as we would any normal recruitment process. 

Application Process for Employers seeking Student Actuaries 

Interested in taking on a 2nd year student? Please call 015311400. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to help.