Interviewers rely more and more on Competency Based Interviewing techniques. This is one of the areas that we advise our candidates to prepare for. The belief is that past behaviour is indicative of future success. These questions will be specific and you need to be prepared to provide clear answers, providing examples as part of your answer.
Typical questions that can be expected are: "Describe a situation" or "Tell me about a time you"....the typical interviewer will ask you to elaborate further on your answer and try to find out examples of how you dealt with the situation. Some of the key indicators that the interviewer is likely to assess you on are -
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to deal with difficult situations
  • Decision making abilities
  • Coping under pressure mechanism
  • Team interaction
If it's a leadership function you may be assessed on your abilities to harness talent or challenge current protocols. The traditional interview will however form part of the process so candidates need to ensure that they are well versed when it comes to describing their roles as laid out on the C.V. And remember, if you say that as part of your hobbies that you like to read, then know a few book titles, you might be asked!