Thank you to those of you who participated in the salary survey this year. As always with these surveys they can be used as a reference point but are more for general indication and guidance.  I personally always find results of these surveys really interesting even when the results come out as expected. This year we focused on pay rises, bonuses and benefits.  So the headlines from this year were as follows: 58% of respondents were Qualified Actuaries – 42% part Qualified ranging from new graduates through to experienced part qualified. Respondents came from all sectors practically in proportion to their populations i.e. 55% from the life sector, 26% Retirement Sector and 15% from the Non-life sector.  There were 4% from other sectors. Respondent s came from all levels of experience from new graduates right up to senior individuals with over 12 years experience.  The largest population of respondents were those with between 6 – 8 years experience. 66% of respondents said that that they received a pay rise during 2012. 37% of those who received a pay rise received this in line with their grade at performance review. 21% of those who received a pay rise received this as an exception for a job well done. Only 9 % of respondents received an increase because everyone in the company received an increase and 9% of respondent received a pay rise because of a promotion. 51% of respondent are expecting or have received a pay rise in 2013. The average pay rise expected by the 51% above is 8.2% however these figures are skewed by a number of individuals that are jumping from Part Qualified to qualified level and receiving increases at around 30%.  When you take these out the average expectation is 5%. 98% of respondents have not had or are not expecting a pay decrease this year. 40% of respondents feel that their salary is below others at their level in the market. Not surprisingly not one of you thinks that your salary is above others at the same level. 60% of respondents were eligible for a bonus during 2012 and of the average bonus level received was 12% of base salary.  A significant number of respondents stated that whilst they were eligible to get a bonus the company had decided not to pay out at all across the board. And yet 71% of those who did receive a payment did so due to personal performance objectives rather than company performance. 70% of respondents believe that they will get a bonus for work performed in 2013. You were asked to declare which of your benefits you value the most. Salary and Bonus were excluded from the choices as we can assume that those would be number one.   51% of respondents declared that holiday days were the most valued benefit with pension options picked as the most valued benefit by 19% of respondents. As a general comment when comparing some of the answers with the 2012 survey – fewer of you are expecting bonuses and the bonus levels that you are getting is decreasing.  As I deal with you every day I have seen that candidates are being more reasonable in relation to their salary demands.  The focus is very much on the opportunity that a new role can bring rather than the immediate financial rewards.  If you want to have a chat about your salary to see where your salary is in comparison with those at the same level then feel free to get in contact at 01 5311400 or 0862931015 or through email at Jacqui.vanteutem@raretec.ie