Over the past two years in the actuarial sector I have been asked a number of times what candidates should expect from using Raretec as their recruiter so I thought it would be useful to give some pointers about this particularly if you have never used a recruiter before. The recruiter is effectively your agent.  At Raretec it's our job to ensure that the recruitment path is as smooth as possible for both candidate and client. This means providing you as the candidate with all that you need to give you the best chance with a role. This starts before you even go forward for a role - at Raretec we take time to really find out what interests you and what doesn't.  Preparation for a role would normally include a job description (if available), a thorough understanding of how the role fits into the organisational structure, any background information that may be useful to have.  At Raretec we provide you with interview guidance if needed and supply you with an address for the client and directions to get there. After the interview we will listen to how you thought the interview went and what you want to happen next. We will then speak with the client and express your thoughts in a way that allows both parties to either proceed to a further stage or to withdraw or even be rejected in a constructive and professional manner.  It's my experience that candidates normally are aware if things went well or not and there normally aren't any surprises at this stage. What candidates hate is being left in limbo with no feedback and no action and it’s our job at Raretec to get this for you and to keep you informed. Once the interview stage is complete at Raretec we then enter into negotiation with the company in relation to a possible offer.    Sometimes clients can get this wrong and come out with offers that don’t match the level – equally candidates can have an inflated view of their value but in general the actuarial population assume that the salary is given and that it’s the content and interest of a role that motivates them. Using Raretec gives you the candidate an opportunity to talk through the package details and ask for changes without the awkwardness associated with negotiating your own package. Once the salary is agreed we move on to the medical and reference check.  References can be a problem with many financial services companies opting to only give statements of employment.  This means that candidates need to get their manager or others to agree to be a contact as a personal reference but often candidates get trapped in a catch 22 where they can’t give a reference until they resign and any offer is always subject to a reference.  At Raretec we work this through with you and when all is complete we help you prepare to resign.  Before you start your new role we then find out what time you need to start and who to ask for again smoothing the way for you to start your new role.  At Raretec we understand that our reputation is only as good as the service we provide to you as individuals and we spend time making sure that whatever the outcome of any recruitment process that your interest are protected and that you gain from the experience. In the actuarial sector in Ireland there are now about 6 companies that fulfil roles in this sector.  If you compare that to the IT sector there are over 100 recruitment companies that source IT roles.  Every market would normally have a number of suppliers and this is healthy for both companies and candidates.  With the actuarial sector it is a much more specialised area and the only recruiters that will succeed in this sector are those like us at Raretec Recruitment who has invested time and money in really understanding the industry so that we can closely match your expectations with roles.  We are experts in recruitment and with a wealth of experience you won’t find a better partner. At Raretec we want your new role to work well for you and the client and we hope like many before you that you will be delighted with the attention we give your situation. If you are thinking of changing roles and want to have a telephone chat to start with or meet for a coffee to look at options then please call me on 01 255 7273 or through email at Jacqui.vanteutem@raretec.ie